ApS Ho faig pel barri

ApS Ho faig pel barri

During the last two weeks of June, we have developed the first phase of a Community Service Program (also known as Learning and Service – ApS) to generate projects that aim to improve the Collblanc – The Torrasa neighborhoods in Barcelona.

“I do it for the neighborhood” is an initiative from Ithaca Education Association and Pla d’Entorn de l’Hospitalet in agreement with the Margarida Xirgu Institute to be applied in the context of their high school internships.

During this first stage, we have addressed the learning phase in an entrepreneurial urban camp setting so that starting in September, they carry out the Service phase, launching their entrepreneurial initiatives.

It all begins when a group of 12 participants discover what the entrepreneurial culture is and discover their personal talents and skills and how to complement them to form a good working team.

On the second day, we were lucky to collaborate with the ICI team who shared their analysis of the neighborhood and helped the participants discover and identify improvement areas they were interested in. This, together with different dynamics of analyzing the areas’ context, resulted in three teams based on the three challenges they decided to tackle.


From there to another day of work where we had a visit from two neighborhood activists, Felipe and Carmen, who were prompted to have an in-depth interview with the kids about their multitude of questions at the time about how the neighborhood could start solving its proble
ms. Finally, with the collaboration of Andrea, a partner at Espacio Redo, and her creative dynamics, we dreamed big to outline our ideas and begin to prototype them


On the second-to-last day, we finished planning and setting up each project through the business model canvas, together with the mentor-collaborators from the partner institutions.

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The final day was a well-deserved celebration. Before the presentation in front of family and friends, we had to work on communication
skills so that the message of what each project was and how they would carry it out would be clear and useful. They did all of this without forgetting about graphics. They even had a DIY workshop to create their own t-shirts with their corporate logo.

`presentacion l'H netWe will go back in September to implement these three great projects on digital literacy, tolerance and recycling.

Have a good summer and see you soon!

Name ApS Ho faig pel barri
Category Urban camp/school program
Client Associació educativa Itaca-Els Vents
Year and duration 2016 (June-November)
Place Torre Barrina, L’Hospitalet
Summary ApS social entrepreneurial initiative to be applied in the environment education plan and the context of their high school internships.
Link to more information http://www.itacaelsvents.org/es/financament/aprenentatgeiservei.html


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