#DesafíoEmprende Camp 2016

#DesafíoEmprende Camp 2016

For the second consecutive year we have been a part of Caixa Foundation’s #DesafíoEmprende Camp. This year 38 teams participated, including 35 from Spain, two from Colombia and one from Peru. There were more than 200 young entrepreneurs in total!


During these four days, we have accompanied the teams in their projects as “Emprendecoachers” and put on different workshops on responsible entrepreneurship, collaborative work, enterprising advice and on their sustainability model with the objective of helping them strengthen their projects, always from a social, collaborative and creative focus. Likewise during many of their individual work sessions, the teams have had our support to provide them tools, security and confidence to defend themselves before the judge, but above all to put the focus on enjoying the developing process.

It has been an intense and exciting couple of days in which links and synergies have been created between students, teachers and “emprendecoaches.” Their energy and values were infectious and made it an enriching experience for all of us at camp.

Entrepreneurial attitude and passionate projects: the perfect combination!


Here you can click on the links to access the Desafío Emprende website for all of the information about the program, its participating projects and the eduCaixa Facebook album for all of the photos.


Name Campus Desafío Emprende
Category Overnight camp
Client Fundación La Caixa – eduCaixa
Year and duration 2016 (May)
Place CosmoCaixa Barcelona
Summary Serve as educational role models to guide and support 38 teams in the improvement and explanation of their projects, through specialized workshops and professional experience.
Link to more information http://desafioemprende.educaixa.com/es/noticias/-/repteempren/news/44976


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