#YuzzSantFeliu Camp

#YuzzSantFeliu Camp

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur? Do you have proposals to improve your environment, neighborhood, city? Have you been thinking about some innovative project, but haven’t found the time or a way to carry it out?

Thus began the call of the 2014 Sant Feliu de Llobregat Smart Yuzz Camp. During a weekend, we held workshops aimed at entrepreneurs with technology-based projects. The Yuzz Program candidates came from these workshops.

Twenty-five young adults between the ages of 16 and 31 participated. Through dynamics and activities designed to develop entrepreneurial skills and competency, and a collaborative work, they devised, prototyped and presented to the public their entrepreneurial initiatives. They also counted on the support of local young-entrepreneur mentors and 2013 Yuzz participants.

The collaborative intelligence in action that has generated seven huge projects!

Get to know them!


Name Campus YUZZ Sant Feliu
Category Urban Camps
Client Sant Feliu Innova – Yuzz Sant Feliu
Year and duration 2014 (March)
Place Co-work-TIC Sant Feliu
Summary A weekend of developing youth technological initiatives
Link to more information http://www.elbaix.cat/agenda/act/campus-yuzz-sant-feliu-28-29-30-de-marc-de-2014/http://www.santfeliu.cat/go.faces?xmid=23913&newid=21323


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