ALWA’s formula

An experience of entrepreneurship to learn.

Experience with the ALWA formula makes it possible that we can understand different entrepreneurial values, attitudes, abilities and skills combined with different activities so that we:

  • Become aware of ourselves, one another and our shared reality;

  • through collaborative work that build the “us,” putting into practice our talents;

  • generating initiatives that make it possible for us to learn by doing, from the passion of solving the challenges that are presented to us;

  • that add value because being social is a noun, not an adjective,

  • And pursue sustainability that’s also economic.

An experience where what’s important is the process, your active principles and your responsible impact:


The process is based in knowing and imagining a desirable and feasible change, and it is viable from action that’s tested, repeated and enjoyed. It’s like getting to know oneself again and going on new adventures.


We teach abilities, analyze facts, work as a team, use benchmarks, and define strategies. We organize, assume risks, overcome difficulties, generate alternatives…in short, we make decisions without giving up – almost – anything.


CO attitude because if it isn’t conscious and responsible, it isn’t entrepreneurship.