Invisible Beauty Makers

Invisible Beauty Makers

Behind every entrepreneurial initiative lies an invisible beauty, values and culture that make it all possible. Invisible Beauty Makers wants to connect the DNA of the Puig family business of fashion and fragrances with young people with innovative projects who are improving their environment and creating a positive social impact.

As long term program of the Puig Foundation, which represents Puig’s social action project, Invisible Beauty Makers works in collaboration with the Ashoka Foundation, which forms the largest network of social entrepreneurs in the world. It promotes the personal growth of young people and can also be a source of inspiration for other young people as well as for members of the company.


The Invisible Beauty Makers program pursues promoting and propelling values and entrepreneurial tools during a two-year program, identifying and supporting five teams of young people (18-25) who are investing their passion, strengths, empathy and creativity to launch a project that creates a positive change in their environment.

The Invisible Beauty Makers program is born out of the concept of having Puig employees mentor young professionals, combining the following elements of support through individual, collaborative and experimental work:

Team of Mentors: a pair of PUIG professionals commit themselves to accompany, guide and support the young social entrepreneurs between January and July during their entrepreneurial development process.

Scholarship: each team will have a seed capital of 2,000 euros a year, based on the objectives that they agree from the mentoring process.

Tailored training: the mentors will be able to prescribe their reference team up to four training modules (12 hours a year) with Puig specialists (communications/marketing, finances, IT, research and development, legal…) who will develop the training’s content and can be delivered individually or collectively with other teams in similar situations.

Networking: to make the Invisible Beauty Makers community a reality, the program incorporates various moments and spaces – both physical and virtual – to meet and work collectively.

We have participated in this experience since 2015. At first we conceptualized the mentoring program and supported the teams of young social entrepreneurs, and now, in its second edition, we operate as the Technical Office and carry out all of the  functions of the program.


Name Invisible Beauty Makers
Category Custom-made
Client Fundación Puig
Year and duration Since 2015
Place Barcelona
Summary Conceptualization and Technical office functions of the Invisible Beauty Makers program that mentors and supports young social entrepreneurs.
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