Practical itinerary for inclusive entrepreneurship

Practical itinerary for inclusive entrepreneurship

In 2013, the Fundación Sta. Maria la Real created the “Shuttles of Employment and Entrepreneurship Solidarity,” and each of them was formed by a mixed team of unemployed people with a dynamic, committed and supportive spirit who – coordinated by a coach – reinforced their powers, generated collective knowledge, made themselves visible and collaborated towards the common goal of improving their employability as freelancers or salaried employees

The NGO, Acción contra el Hambre, launched the Vives Project, which is based on the “Shuttles of Employment and Entrepreneurship Solidarity” model and is primarily aimed at young audiences. Within the framework of the first Shuttle carried out in Sant Boi de Llobregat in 2014, they commissioned us to implement a Practical Itinerary for Inclusive Entrepreneurship, which was intended for people interested in developing an initiative of their own.

The itinerary consists of seven practical workshops and makes up a total of 26 hours. The workshops have a specific order and the 15 participants must go through all of them because an evaluation of the improvement of both their technical and entrepreneurial skills is needed:

  1. Entrepreneurial skills: evaluation and development.
  2. Analysis of the business idea and plan through the CANVAS method.
  3. Design of the business plan
  4. Access to funding: means of financing and tools for negotiation.
  5. Study of economic viability
  6. Business kick-off
  7. Evaluation and next steps.

Every workshop reviews both technical content and the development of entrepreneurial skills, emphasizing core skills such as communication, initiative, decision-making or problem resolution transversally. While doing so, we take great care that the participants express themselves correctly, raise issues, proposals and solutions to problems that can arise during the development of the workshops.


Name Itinerario práctico para el emprendimiento inclusivo
Category custom-made, workshops
Client Acción Contra el Hambre – Vives Proyecto
Year and duration 2014 (September-November)
Place Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona)
Summary   Inclusive entrepreneurship workshops for “Shuttle” participants.
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