#Pequemprende Oviedo, a new adventure in the entrepreneurial world

#Pequemprende Oviedo, a new adventure in the entrepreneurial world

Taking advantage of the entrepreneurial environment of Oviedo’s Talud de la Eria coworking space and the 2015 summer vacations, we organized the Pequemprende Camp.


These urban camps where kids from 8 to 12 years old were able to enjoy a week of learning and developing their “small” entrepreneurial projects through our formula of “entrepreneurial experiences to learn.” Kids worked collaboratively as a team and reinforced confidence in their ideas and initiatives through dynamics and challenges that they should solve and moved them to explore their talents.

During the camp, the kids received visits from some of the coworkers who came with us. They shared their experiences and “advised” the kids in their infinite and varied questions.

Finally, on the last day, they presented their projects before their peers, families and officials from Oviedo’s city hall, a final touch that empowered these entrepreneurs and left the audience’s mouths open.



Name Pequemprende
Category Urban Camps
Client Ayuntamiento Oviedo – Oviedo Emprende
Year and duration 2015 (July and August)
Place COworking Talud de la Eria
Summary Urban camp for kids to promote the entrepreneurial culture.
Link to more information http://www.plandeemprendedoresoviedo.es/click/campus-pequeemprendehttp://www.plandeemprendedoresoviedo.es/click/campus-pequeemprende-agosto

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