#DesafíoEmprende Camp

#DesafíoEmprende Camp

This past week we have enjoyed and learned so much supporting 155 kids from all of Spain and their teachers across different educational systems in eduCaixa’s #DesafíoEmprende camp.

The kids have worked on 33 big projects during these days to improve them and explain them in a panel held Saturday.

Regardless of what the judges decide, the result in all of the cases has been spectacular, thank you!!! Let no one or nothing stop you! That’s the real entrepreneurial attitude!

Don’t miss out on all of the photos in the eduCaixa Facebook album.


Name Campus Desafío Emprende
Categoría overnight camp
Client Fundación La Caixa – eduCaixa
Year and duration 2015 (May)
Place CaixaForum Madrid
Summary Serve as educational role models to guide and support 33 teams in the improvement and explanation of their projects, through specialized workshops and professional experience.
Link to more information http://blog.educaixa.com/es/-/sigue-la-actualidad-del-campus-de-emprendedores-2015


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