Suéñalo-Hazlo 2016

Suéñalo-Hazlo 2016

During the 2015/16 school year, we have trained and mentored teachers based in Barcelona and Madrid on  Ashoka Foundation’s “Suéñalo. Hazlo” (Dream it. Do it.) methodology with the Barclays Foundation’s help.

From the initial training and through monthly meetings and continued virtual support, the faculty of seven educational centers in Barcelona and Madrid has implemented with notable success this methodology of youth empowerment in their classrooms. The kids have designed and launched projects whose challenge is to improve or solve real problems like school bullying, lack of family communication, exclusion, lack of resources…and to promote integration and tolerance as well (see, for example, Misunderstooders).

The students have worked on their projects during their school hours as part of one subject, tutored by their teachers, and have had the opportunity to meet with experts in a “critique” session with volunteers from Barclays – in Madrid’s case. In a final presentation and reception, both teachers and students received diplomas.

Until the next Changemakers course!

Name  Suéñalo Hazlo 2016
Category School/extracurricular program, workshops
Client Ashoka
Year and duration 2015-2016 (December-June)
Place Barcelona and Madrid
Summary Training and accompanying teachers and workshops centered in the “Suéñalo. Hazlo.” methodology to empower young people.
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